May 5, 2010

What Else Is Going On

What Else Is Going On  Here is where I talk about stuff that does not fit within the other pages. Fun things, interesting things and challenging things. I will, of course, be updating it regualrly  August 2007  Its been so long since I edited these pages! There have been many movies and many songs since then. I just saw “The Last King of Scotland” This is a great story – a faction – as I once heard those stories where the truth is mixed with a little bit of fiction – called. The story has been turned into an equally great movie. There […]
April 5, 2009

Old Medical Students (2007) Lectures

OLD MEDICAL STUDENTS (2007) LECTURES a. Principles of surgical research: In this lecture, I discuss the ingredients needed to develop a research career. You will notice that this lecture is different from the one that I gave in class but I think this is more useful for those who are considering a research career. While this is not a compulsory or required part of your training at the moment, the lessons may come in handy in the near future.  /Documents/Developing a research career.pdf Here is lecture that I gave in class on surgical research /Documents/Principles of surgical research.pdf. It contains a second part […]