Framework Programs for Global Health


 The First Network Meeting of this program held in April 2007. The focus of the meeting was "The problem of Cancer in Africa". There were multidisciplinary presentations from Civil Engineering, Nursing, Environmental Health, Architecture, the Mass Media, Psychology, Sociology, Bioethics, Nutrition, Surgery, Medicine, Radiotherapy, Radiology, etc. The proceedings of this meeting will be published as a supplement in the African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences shortly.

This is a program funded by the United States National Institutes of Health Fogarty International Center to support the development of multidisciplinary and multi-institutional programs around the subject of global health in institutions around the world. Though our initial focus is Nigeria, we anticipate a gradual roll out to other West African countries. Our program focuses on

  1. Utilizing research to inform policy in health care. We will create a database of health related research, societies and infrastructure in Nigeria and produce position papers on the studies carried out in Nigeria or on health care problems relevant to Nigeria for use by policy implementers at both Federal and State levels in the country.
  2. Develop multidisciplinary and multi-institutional approach to the problems of cancer prevention including tobacco control, nutritional intervention, use of vaccines and behavioral modification 
  3. Develop multidisciplinary and multi-institutional approach to health problems associated with the built environment 
  4. Encourage multiple innovative intervention to stem the tide of traumatic injuries and death at a population level.

 We will target under and postgraduate students as well as researchers and policy makers for effective delivery of our program plans. Visit the West African Framework Program for Global Health website to learn more about this.