Old Medical Students (2007) Lectures

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May 5, 2010


  1. a. Principles of surgical research: In this lecture, I discuss the ingredients needed to develop a research career. You will notice that this lecture is different from the one that I gave in class but I think this is more useful for those who are considering a research career. While this is not a compulsory or required part of your training at the moment, the lessons may come in handy in the near future.  /Documents/Developing a research career.pdf 
    Here is lecture that I gave in class on surgical research /Documents/Principles of surgical research.pdf. It contains a second part on the ethics of research which we did not cover in class.
  2. b. Principles of cancer screening: In this lecture, I discuss the general aspects of cancer screening. I have removed the statistics involved but those who are interested in that component can find information in the reference textbooks. /Documents/Principles of Cancer Screening.pdf 
  3. c. Management of breast cancer: Here are the lectures on the various aspects of breast cancer – epidemiologyclinical featurestreatment and the role of biologics
  4. d. Principles of surgical oncology: This is a modification of the lectures used by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course /Documents/Surgical Oncology ASCO adebamowo plain.pdf
  5. e. Nutrition in surgery: This lecture introduces students to the principles of nutritional management of surgical patients. It does not look at the equally important questions of surgical management of obesity (which is not yet a major component of surgical practice in Nigeria) or the management of the obese patient coming to surgeryNutrition in Surgery: 
  6. f. Cancer chemotherapy: This is a rapidly changing topic with new developments in biologics /Documents/Cancer Chemotherapy.pdf

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